Gentleman Bandit, Ben Currey had two rules: No unnecessary rough stuff and no names!! A successful criminal for many years, no one had ever been killed during the comission of a crime with Ben in charge . . . until Brandt's Crossing.

Young Miguel Santos' father is murdered by a member of Ben's gang and the orphaned boy is destined for a dirt farm when Ben Currey steps in. He takes Miguel back to Robber's Roost, the remote out-law hideout, and vows to give the boy the best education he can. Mike Santos becomes the son Ben has always wanted.

The Anatomy of a Gunshot
From The Making of
Son of a Wanted Man

The process of layering effects, allows us to bridge the gap between what something actually sounds like when recorded and what we, as listeners, think it should sound like. Creating each gunshot requires several layers not all of which have anything to do with a gun.

HINT: Click the to hear MP3 sounds (requires an MP3 player like Quicktime - see if you need a free version.)

The shot that kills Klatt as he holds Mike hostage is a perfect example of the complex layering and sweetening involved in creating gunshots.

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Raised on Outlaws tales of bold robberies and daring escapes, Mike Santos got an education in more than how to plan a holdup. For as Mike grew up, Ben got the boy all the books he could read. Roundy taught Michael to hunt and track and other things. He was taught by the best to cheat at cards, peel a safe and to work over a brand. Doc Sawyer, once a veterinarian, taught him something of medicine for both animals and men. He guided Michael's reading as well, for the Doctor was a cultivated man. And finally he learned to live in the real world, the world outside of Robbers Roost.

Now as the boy orphaned and raised by outlaws becomes a man, he must decide what kind of a life he will lead.

Experience the thrilling excitement of the first fully dramatized Louis L'Amour novel. Featuring a veteran Hollywood cast, with musical score by award winning composer John Phillip Shenale, and all new digitally recorded sound effects! Special Bonus materials include "The Making of Son of a Wanted Man" and an archival intreview with Louis L'Amour!

3 Cassettes or 3 CDs
Approx: 3 Hours
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Son of a Wanted Man

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