The Outlaw Gang

The R-Bar Ranch


Ben Curry &
Ben Regan
AKA Will MacMillan


AKA J. G. Hertzler

Joaquin Molina
AKA Nicholas Ballas


Doc Sawyer
AKA Geoffrey Wade


AKA Burr DeBenning


Dan Peeples

AKA Joey Nader


AKA Mike O'Connor

Mike Santos
AKA George Perez


Kirby Perrin
AKA Lee Reherman


AKA Charles Van Eman

Citizens of
Brandt's Crossing

Juan Santos
AKA Sal Lopez

Young Mike
AKA Julian Perez

Mr. Spencer
AKA Bob Glouberman

Mrs Norlanders
AKA Kathleen Ingle

Marshall Baca
AKA Jason Corbett

Drucilla Regan
AKA Dierdre Delaney

Juliana Regan
AKA Megan Kurth

Uncle Jack
AKA Nathan Le Grand

The Victims

Passenger 1 &
Woman Passenger

AKA Christopher
Pitney and
Angelique L'Amour


Eastern Man 1
AKA Patrick Reddy


Eastern Man 2
AKA William Woff


Terrence Mann


Son of a Wanted Man

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