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One of the realities of using music as an integral part of a complex show is that sometimes the true sound of the score is hard to hear. Particularly when most of it is played behind dialog, narration and sound effects. Music so rarely appears alone in a dramatized audio that it's true depth can be missed. Add to that the fact that we mix the elements which make up the score knowing that it will be played in the background most of the time. Because of this, some of the true impact and dynamic range of the original composition may be de-emphasized.

With the Son of a Wanted Man score we worked very hard to stay true to the original intent of the music as composed and crafted by Phil Shenale. While a true "Soundtrack Album" would require us to go back into the original mixes, we thought you might enjoy a chance to hear some of the music "unemcombered" by dialog and sound effects.


Gold Rush Days

Ben's Theme

Juan's End

Sierra Vistas

R-Bar Overlook
Ride to Destiny

Twilight Raid


Gentleman's Opportunity


NOTE: The score, music, compositions and all derivatives are the property of Louis L'Amour Enterprises, Inc. and cannot be copied, duplicated, re-recorded or broadcast without express written permission. © Copyright 2004


Son of a Wanted Man

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